Pier Angelo Mori

University of Florence
Department of Economics and Management
Polo delle Scienze Sociali
via delle Pandette 9, 50127 Firenze (I)

Phone: (+39) 055-2759 595 w Fax: (+39) 055-2759 905 w Email: pierangelo.mori[AT]unifi.it


Married with three children. M.S. in Economics (with honors) from Bocconi University, Milano, Italy, 1976. After a work spell in banking held a research position at Cambridge University (UK) until 1980.


Positions held:


Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence


Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Pavia


Assistant Professor (Ricercatore), Department of Economics, University of Pavia


Economic theory of co-operative and non-profit organizations. Theory of the firm. Theory of contracts and regulation.


CNR-NATO Junior Fellowships, 1980
Italian Science Foundation (CNR), scholarship, 1979
British Council, sholarship, 1978

Prize, Fondazione Einaudi Torino, 1977
Fulbright Fellowship, 1977
J. Bocconi dissertation prize, 1976


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Refereed journal articles:


“Customer Ownership and Quality Provision in Public Services under Asymmetric Information”, Economic Inquiry, 54 (2016), 1499-1518 (with L. Abrardi, L. Colombo). DOI: 10.1111/ecin.12315


“Community and Cooperation: the Evolution of Cooperatives towards New Models of Citizens’ Democratic Participation in Public Services Provision”, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 85 (2014), 327–352.


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“The Economics of Procurement Contract Awarding: Problems and Solutions in Theory and Practice”, Journal of Public Procurement, 10 (2010), 93-120 (with Nicola Doni).


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“The Role of Employers' Authority with Partial Job Enforceability”, Economics Letters, 35 (1991), pp. 89-93.


“Job Signalling and the Returns to Private Information”, Oxford Economic Papers, 43 (1991), pp. 351-367.

Other publications :


“Community cooperatives and cooperatives providing public services: Facts and prospects”, in J. Michie, J. Blasi and C. Borzaga (eds.), Oxford Handbook on Co-operative, Mutual, Member-owned and Employee-owned Business, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016 (forthcoming).


Economia della cooperazione e del non-profit, Roma, Carocci Editore, 2015 (2nd edition)


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“On Incomplete Information and the Emergence of Trade Unions”, in Gianni Ricci (ed.), Decision Processes in Economics, Berlin, Springer Verlag, 1990, pp. 57-64.

Working papers:

“Pricing and Price Regulation in a Customer-Owned Monopoly”, Trento, Euricse Working Paper Series, ISSN 2281-8235 Working Paper n. 70|14 (with N. Doni).

“Design of Multidimensional Franchise Auctions by an Ignorant Principal”, WP Università di Firenze, 2008.


Italian Government, AIFA, advisor, 2013.

Managing Co-Editor, Italian Journal of Economics - Rivista Italiana degli Economisti, 2000-03.

Head of Department, 1997-2000.

Italian Government, Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, project director, 1988

Italian Government, Ministero del Lavoro e della Previdenza Sociale, project director, 1986